The naked experience

November 10. 2007

I’m heading towards Perthshire to do the photo shoot on top of a mountain. Michael, the photographer is taking me and my friend Jackie there as he knew this place and it fitted in with what I wanted. It took me a lot to consider to take part in this project. My husband’s trust and confidence in me made the experience even more exciting for me. Although, I realised I was nervous, too. I’ve never been in front of a photographer/ artist before, never mind naked. What would people think?! I told my friends, some colleagues, my sister and my daughter. I guess I wanted to see their reactions before doing this. Perhaps, it’s a human
nature wanting to feel accepted and loved. The reactions were mostly positive and some unsure ones. I thought the ‘nakedness’ part would always be controversial.

Yesterday, just the day before the shoot I told my parents who live in

Chigestei stream where we water and wash in summer

rural Mongolia. I guess I wanted to ask their permission if you like. I hoped they would be proud that I was happy the way I am and would be photographed how I was born from them. I also told them that I would be called ‘Mongolian woman’ – *representing* Mongolia.
They always surprise me with their open mindedness and make me realise how unconditional their love is.

So today I’m so happy that everyone close to me supporting me to do this and there was no going back.

I picked a location to be a top of a mountain so that it represents I like knowing what’s happening around me, I can see my future, the way I am heading and if there was a god above us I would be close to him. If I could speak to echoes the way I used to in mountains in Mongolia perhaps the wind will take my thanks to the small hill which I looked after sheep and goats and prayed for the life I have now…

You can see the photos for the exhibition here.

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