Mother’s Day

Creative Commons: Children playing in the sand from State Library and Archives of Florida


My little boy wonders whether I am asleep
I’m not sure if I should open my eyes
But when I start to open them,
He thinks I’m waking up.
I lay in bed.
His careful steps get closer
I pretend.
‘Mummy, do you want to open your card?’ he whispers.
That’s me.
I see my son standing there, smiling
Before I say anything, his little feet couldn’t wait longer
He ran to his big sister to announce ‘Mummy is awake.’
They walk into the room
Their Daddy follows, with their baby sister in his arms
And to Mum, the card reads
The children watch me open the card they made
Then they gather around me.
Their card has four babies carefully drawn by my little son
The words are beautifully written by my little girl
The baby sister had the smiles to go with it
The baby brother watched from heaven
Mother’s day.


  1. What lovely children so sweet. I hope you had a lovely day!

  2. Thank you, Anne. Hope you did too. I enjoyed my day thoroughly. Breakfast in bed, my favourite magazine in hand and had a lovely set of White Musk which I like a lot. X

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