People want to know about …

It’s a pleasure to be from or born and grew up in Mongolia. Especially when I live in Scotland where I meet lots of different people from many countries. So I get asked many interesting, funny, daft and strange questions. Here are some:

-Where are you from?


-Mongolia, Europe? Mongolia, Africa?


-Where are you from?


-My friend’s son is married to a girl from Philippines.


-Where are you from?


-Oh really?! I thought it was a made up country!


-Did you live in a yurt?

-Yes. I did.

-How fascinating. What language do you speak in Mongolia?


-Is it easy to learn?

-Mmm I wouldn’t know. Was English easy to learn for you (as a native speaker)?

-Yeah, I get it.


My husband often gets asked:

-How’s your Mongolian?

-She is fine, thanks. (He likes answering that question. His Mongolian is better than he thinks)


-So your wife is from Mongolia? You don’t meet someone from Mongolia every day, do you?

-Yes, I do. I live with her.





  1. Loved the questions-and-answers, especially the last two, which made me laugh aloud.

  2. Thank you John for your comment. I'll write more fun things in the future. Something to smile and giggle about….

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