603808_529403977097951_1467424223_nMy name is Uuganaa. I was born and grew up in Mongolia. I now live in Scotland with my husband and children. After I lost my son Billy I realised life was too short and I had to do the things I wanted to do. I wrote a non-fiction book on my childhood in Mongolia and life in Britain. The title of the book is Mongol and in March it won the Janetta Bowie Chalice Non-Fiction Book Award from the Scottish Association of Writers.

I write about life through Mongolian and Scottish eyes.

All images and text used on this blog are my own (or my husband’s) and are copyright. If you want to use something, please ask.

I hope you enjoy visiting.



  1. Hi Uuganaa,

    This is wonderful, I love the spirituality of it all. Very. very well done! I also love that it involves all aspects of your life past and present, and your wonderful family – and the fact that I can learn so much about mongolia too – your writing is very atmospheric.

    I’m just about to pass on your website to all my friends, family and contacts.

    Lots of love, Chrissy xxx PS, Could you please re-send me the link for Ella’s website? I can’t find it. xx Hope to meet up very soon. xx

  2. Thanks for reading and visiting, Eddy. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your kind words Chrissy. I’m glad you picked up the exact theme of my blog. Yes, I am writing about life through my culture tinted eys. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing with your contacts. I hope they enjoy visiting, too. xx

  4. i think you are talented writer! Cool site! Good luck for you! i will be here with you

  5. Another wonderful reading material from a very talented lady! Well done Una and best of luck with all your doing! Your a very busy lady!

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  7. Bayarlalaa. Chamd ch bas amjilt husye. Oor yu sonirhoj baigaaga huvaaltsaarai. Dahin zochilj unshij baigaarai.

  8. Hi, Guuye,I came accross your blog through twitter.I’ve read through most of it and laughed and of course I have cried,who wouldn’t when they read your blogs.The letters to Billy are the most beautiful I have read I hope they help you. I will be returning to keep reading this, and I live in Glasgow, yours must be the first blog I have read apart from mine that’s from Scotland.

  9. Bayarlalaa Boloroo. Nadtai hamt baij baigaad bayarlaj baigaa shuu duudee. Chamd ch bas amjilt husye!

  10. Thank you Lauraine. Always appreciate your support.

  11. Sain baina uu Uuganaa,

    It was very nice to read your blog, specially the letters to Billy. I also liked your writings about Mongolia. Your words are very moving. Keep writing and posting. I live in Dundee and currently on my maternity leave looking after my 5 months old baby girl Freyja. I would love to keep in touch.

  12. Hi Dear Friend,
    I am so proud of you. I’ve heard a lot about you and your family from Orhon and I’m sorry that I haven’t been in touch for such a long time. Will keep a regular touch.
    With all good wishes.

  13. Sain uu ho. Naizdaa ih bayarlalaa. Huugiin maani website deer ch gesen uldeesen messagenuudiig bas unshsan shuu. Za tegeed email bichnee. X

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